The Indulge Bundles & Pamper Bundles are the perfect way to start your pamper routine & at a great price. Whipped Sugar Scrubs to cleanse and exfoliate, Whipped Body Butters to nourish the skin, & Body Oils seal in while adding intense moisture with anti aging benefits. The Gold Mini Spoon is included with select bundles:

  • 8 oz Whipped Body Butter
  • 8 oz Whipped Sugar Scrub
  • 4 oz Body Oil
  • Gold Mini Spoon* (select Indulge Bundles)

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Sample the collections of whipped body butter’s before you commit to the full size. Choose between the sensitive skin collection or the scented collection. Each set include four 1 ounce metal tins topped with various original Sweet Skin designs. Select from the follow: 

  • Sensitive Skin Mini Tins- mix of unscented whipped body butters ( highly recommend for sensitive skin
  • The Scented Mini Tins- mix of scented whipped body butters 

Explore our unique collections below. Enjoy!